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Hosting of yoga-retreats
All group participants choose to spend their vacation with a group tour, if they are interested in the teacher and a topic of event. Their decision is worth to support by the photo, reflecting the spirit of event site and impressive daily agenda. Having chosen us to host your retreat, you'll get not only basic accommodation service, but also impressive atmosphere and multiple options for agenda saturation. Our territory arrangement and picturesque view location make the whole spirit of the place resonate with ideas of self-discovery, spiritual practices, freedom, art and creation. Mtirala National Park is next to us, which guarantees ecological purity of our space, with healing water and air.
The team of Door2Heaven Eco Hotel and Camping has been hosting group retreats in Georgia for more than 5 years already. We specialize in hosting yoga retreats, group meditation parctices, art workshops, photo-workshops. We are not only hosts, we are also helpers. We are careful and focused in discussions, arrangements and execution of tour accommodation, food and agenda conditions on site. We have possibilities and social network on local level for specific ideas. With our help you will make your tour agenda unique and impressive for all participants. Such a trip to Georgia and a retreat tour will become inspiring and remarkable memory for a lifetime.
How do we help you to improve event?
we provide accommodation for groups up to 20 guests. Additional participants and family members will be hosted in the neighbour guest houses.
privacy for group
we provide privacy for your group event on our territory (with certain size of group the hotel will be closed for outside guests). Thus special atmosphere will be conducted for your agenda and practices.
meals on site
in our view cafe we cook homemade dishes from local food with all attention to restrictions and desires of the group representative. Everybody will wait for sunsets at dinner time.
we offer 2 view yoga areas, which fit yoga or meditation classes. One of them is 65 sq m and has a roof and real wood flooring; the other is concrete with the size of 135 sq m. Your excercises with sea-view will impress all the participants.
national park
right on doorstep you will get into Mtirala National Park wtih paths of18 km. Morning jogging or day hiking will occupy the participants. Practices can be held in the forest. This is a way to diversify impressions from your interaction.
agenda ideas
if you ask us, we are ready to suggest additional ideas for your agenda to help you be interesting and unique for your participants. Sightseeing tours and excursions can be added, as well as cooking-classes for local dishes, we can invite a massage therapist or a photographer, or set up a music eve with etno-musicians. Always an idea can be found to diversify your daily classes or practices.
nature healing
our space is an eco-territory, because we are located in the mountais far away from the city and developed area and border on Mtirala National Park. This place is the source of water for Batumi city. During your retreat tour the whole group will be cured, breathing in pure mountain air and drinking natural spring water.
recreation areas among the trees
in the forest and garden of our territory we arranged spots for leisure and relaxation, inside them the participants will rest in peace and solitude.
we will set up all necessary group tranfers and local rides: picking up from (and to) he airport, rides to the citycenter or to the beach, excursions or sightseeing tours.
Вooking and cancellation policy
Reservation guarantee:
For group tours and events (applied to all participants):
Booking regulations:
booking will be approved only after 50% payment of the total tour hosting cost (including accommodation and meals and all additional costs) in advance not later, than 4 months before check in date.
Reservation cancellation:
Booking cancellation conditions(applied to the whole group, or its separate participants):
  • 50% payback for cancellation 3 months and earlier before check-in date;
  • 30% payback for cancellation between 2 and 3 months before check-in date;
  • 0% payback for cancellation later, than 2 months before check-in date.
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Phone: +995 568 99 99 17 (Urgent)
Telegram: +995 568 99 99 17 (checked once a day)
Host's name: Artur

Address: Korolistavi, Batumi, Georgia
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